At what age can you have an MRI?
Common misconceptions about MRI: what to believe and what not to believe
MRI can be performed without a doctor's prescription. This is true. The MRI machine does not cause any harm
how is an mri performed
How many times a year can an MRI be done?
What is MRI of the brain based on? The diagnostic effect of MRI of the brain is based on nuclear magnetic
Is CT scanning harmful?
How to prepare for an MRI of the spine
Computed tomography is a method for diagnosing internal organs, allowing one to obtain layer-by-layer images to detect
Is it true that alcohol kills brain cells?
Is it true that alcohol kills brain cells?
After a person has been in a state of extreme intoxication at least once, due to the use of
Child's temperature
Treatment of seizures in children
The treatment is carried out by: Convulsions - sudden involuntary attacks of muscle contractions, often accompanied by loss of consciousness. Appearance
Why do women have mood swings, what to do and how to deal with it
Causes In men it depends mainly on fluctuations in testosterone secretion. In women the root cause is more
MRI image of a child's brain vessels
CT angiography of cerebral vessels
Carotid angiography is an invasive X-ray imaging procedure of the carotid arteries that is performed through a catheter inserted
Result of echoencephalography
When is Echo ES required and what are the features of the procedure?
All of you are probably familiar with such a physical phenomenon as echo. Echo in nature
Numb feet
Paresthesia of the right and left legs
When a person feels numbness in the legs, it means that the sensitive part of the peripheral nerve is affected.
Why girls are in a bad mood: the main reasons
Have you ever wondered why girls are in a bad mood? You are not alone.
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