Depression in older people: causes, signs, treatment
In this article you will learn: Why depression occurs in older people and what are the factors
Valproic acid (Depakine chrono, Encorate chrono, Convulex, Valparin)
Indications Adults As monotherapy or in combination with other antiepileptic drugs: - treatment
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“Calm, only calm!”: B vitamins to strengthen the nervous system
Why does the body need B vitamins? Our central nervous system, and especially its
Children's socks
Pregnancy calendar 29 week
How does a child develop? This week the baby continues to actively grow and gain weight, his
Dangerous consequences of taking antidepressants and alcohol at the same time
Dangerous consequences of taking antidepressants and alcohol at the same time
Home>Articles>Dangerous consequences of simultaneous use of antidepressants and alcohol quick menu (hide) Functioning of antidepressant drugs
Stopping antidepressants
Antidepressants help restore normal levels of chemicals in the brain that are involved in
Remember everything. 9 of the healthiest foods for memory
Lemon A simple slice of lemon added to tea can be enough to improve memory. A
Thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities
Gangrene of the legs in old age
Diagnosis of acute ischemia during examination by a vascular surgeon The classic picture of acute ischemia is determined by six symptoms:
The effect of a drop solution on a poisoned organism - Verimed Clinic
Drip infusion (dropper) at Centromed
What is an IV? Intravenous drip (infusion therapy) is a treatment method in which
In the modern world, with a large flow of information, the human brain is overloaded. For optimal performance it
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