How to behave to please your classmate

First love comes unexpectedly, so you find yourself face to face with it, but the guy you like seems so distant and inaccessible. Knowing how to please a boy at school, you can fulfill your cherished desire to be happy, but for this you need to try very hard.

And it’s not just about appearance - you will have to be active, learn to behave and present yourself correctly, perhaps become a more interesting person and change your view on some things. And try not to make mistakes that have become an obstacle to mutual love for many girls.

Tips to help charm a classmate

There is probably not a single girl who would not wonder how to make a guy fall in love with her at school. There are no 100% ways to win a young man, because there are no identical couples, just like relationships of the same type. But there is a great opportunity to take advantage of the wealth of human experience and useful recommendations of those who have already walked this path of victories and disappointments. Where to start and how can you attract the attention of the boy you like who studies in the same school as you?

Pay attention to appearance

Men love with their eyes, and young guys are no exception in this regard and pay attention to attractive girls who take care of their appearance.

Therefore, you need to start with yourself:

  1. A smile is something that can delight and charm a classmate, but for this it is important to take care of your teeth and prevent bad breath. Such an unacceptable mistake can discourage a young man from any desire to communicate with you.
  2. Hair should not just be clean, but beautifully styled or neatly tied up. It's good if you periodically visit the hairdresser to maintain the healthy condition of your main jewelry. And also, according to representatives of the stronger sex, most of them are crazy about long hair.
  3. A girl's hands should always be well-groomed and her nails trimmed. An ideal option for everyday life and holidays is a natural French manicure with a transparent coating. It is beautiful, elegant and speaks of good taste. Pedicure in the same style is also relevant, especially in the summer.
  4. How to dress for school to make a guy like you? If you follow fashion trends, listen to the advice - between branded clothes and the one that suits you best, always choose the second. You shouldn’t choose overtly provocative things, for example, a deep neckline looks ridiculous and even funny. It is clear that you want to express yourself, but, unfortunately, the insolence in your appearance scares off some young men, although this is only an external image that you have invented. You can dress more brightly on the street, but for classes it is better to stick to a strict classic style. If possible, you should avoid gray, nondescript things.

Despite the fact that you have just begun to form your own style, learn to dress simply, but with taste. As for basic hygienic care of the face and body, this is implied from the very beginning - it is unacceptable if the smell of sweat emanates from you.

What to do if you are a fat girl

Many girls have complexes about their figure. In adolescence, girls often have extra pounds that guys don't like. If you have complexes about this, then you need to take care of your figure.

Today you can lose weight through sports, proper nutrition and personal care products. Be persistent if you are determined to lose those extra pounds. Guys are attracted to young ladies who can take care of themselves and make certain sacrifices in order to look attractive.

Take action in class

Stunning appearance alone is still not enough - it is important to interest the guy you like at school. Let's look at examples of how this can be done:

  1. Be friendly, cheerful, act natural, but not cheeky. Even tomboys and hooligans don’t like it when a girl behaves ill-mannered and rudely. This makes a repulsive impression.
  2. Show respect to all students in the class by greeting them with words and a smile at the beginning of the school day and remember to say goodbye before leaving. These are simple rules of etiquette that give a positive impression of a person.
  3. If you are an excellent student, you can offer the object of your attention to improve him in some subject. The guy will certainly appreciate such a broad gesture.
  4. Another option is to ask to copy, the main thing is to do it naturally, with a disarming smile.
  5. A cheerful schoolgirl who knows how to joke in conversation and wittily answer an ordinary question will not go unnoticed. And for this you need to read more and develop your speech, have basic erudition and outlook. Alas, it is dramatically impossible to change, but if the goal is to attract the attention of a guy at school, how can you miss the opportunity to improve your abilities?

If you want to once again attract attention and talk to a guy, you can resort to a trick - leave some school supplies (a signed book, notebook or notebook) in a visible place. Surely the young man will notice these things and want to give them to the owner. You will have a great opportunity to thank him with a smile and start a casual conversation. Most often, such situations are remembered and later lead to mutual jokes and flirtations.

Talk to your boyfriend more outside of school

Your main task in communicating with a classmate you like is to find common ground. These could be school events, promotions, joint participation in festive events. You can always exchange a few phrases about the upcoming test, vacation, or touch on the topic of sports competitions that is close to the boys.

But we can’t stop there. The next step is to pull the gentleman to another level of communication, outside the walls of the educational institution. Behind them, the young men change, and you can learn important and interesting information about them. If the boy has not yet invited you to relax together after studying, do it yourself - there is nothing shameful or scary in it.

You can invite:

  • just for a walk in the park,
  • in a cafe with a group of friends and familiar guys,
  • to a show or street festival,
  • on a camping trip with other students.

Today, many people communicate through social networks, and some classes have their own communities. This is a good reason to make inquiries about the young man, to get to know him better with the prospect of further real meetings.

By methodically collecting information about a guy, there is a possibility of “accidentally” being in the same company at an event that he is attending with friends. Surely the boy will not pass by and say hello to you. All that remains is to keep up the conversation and join the company.

How to please a stranger?

How to please a stranger?
It will not be very easy to please an unfamiliar boy with whom you have nothing in common at all: neither a common company, nor school, nor interests. But even here the situation is not hopeless. You can always try to do something. What if he is your destiny?

  1. If there are no mutual acquaintances, you need to establish visual contact. When you meet, make eye contact with him and hold your gaze on him for a few seconds.
  2. This will make him pay attention to you. After 2-3 days of such visual contact, you can smile at him.
  3. In a couple of days, be the first to say hello to him.
  4. 2-3 days after this, you can unobtrusively talk about anything.

Here's what you need to do to get a boy you don't even know to like you. And don’t be afraid to take the first steps: throw away all prejudices. If it is unobtrusive and modest, he will subsequently only be grateful to you for your acquaintance.

For your information.

Boys cannot stand whims and hysterics.

Find common interests and hobbies

It is important to learn as much as possible about your chosen one. This will give you an idea of ​​how he lives and what he is passionate about. With the help of such information, you can find a common range of interests that will help you achieve your goals.

Intersections can be found in a variety of directions:

  1. This may be a boy's favorite subject, and he may take extracurricular classes. Why don’t you sign up there too - this will provide direct communication and at the same time bring undoubted benefits in the form of additional knowledge.
  2. By being active and showing your best side, for example, by participating in the Olympiad, preparing a school play, discussing educational events, you will always be visible, and perhaps the young man himself will want to get to know you better.
  3. You can join the section and circle that the boy attends - in this case, you have the opportunity to ask him for advice or help in a new matter for you.
  4. And again, the Internet - this alternative way to gain information about a person should not be underestimated. Join the same groups as your classmate, you can even develop some vigorous activity in them to please him. If you are already corresponding, ask various questions about his current hobbies - computer games, favorite music, athletes, leisure activities.

How to please a pen pal?

How to please a pen pal?
Today, social networks have become an integral part of teenagers. Therefore, it is not surprising that the question increasingly arises of how to please a pen pal . There are several unshakable rules and advice that should be followed if such a situation arises.

  1. Don't flood him with messages.
  2. You can start the day with an unobtrusive “Hello!” and end it with a non-binding “Bye-bye.”
  3. Once every few days, when he is online, you can ask how he is doing.
  4. Post photos, but not 10 at a time.
  5. You can ask his opinion about one of them.
  6. Ask for his advice often.
  7. Offer him help in solving some problems. Be useful to him.

Now you know what to do to make a boy like you , so you can act according to useful advice from psychologists, and not at random. If you don’t act rashly, know how to control your emotions and find the golden mean in everything, the boy you like will definitely pay attention to you.

Don't ask about his exes

Any question related to an ex-girlfriend is a grave mistake. Firstly, a teenage boy of 12–14 years old might not have had it yet, and secondly, representatives of the stronger sex are generally unpleasant about such topics.

Likely reaction that is possible after your words:

  1. An abrupt shift in conversation to another direction, obvious dissatisfaction.
  2. The dialogue is interrupted by pauses, tension arises - the young man experiences nervous tension.
  3. He goes off topic, becomes hyper-communicative, starts talking a lot, and it all looks unnatural.
  4. There is a risk of running into open aggressiveness, and the meeting may end in a quarrel.

I wonder what makes boys reflect like that? It turns out that this is banal shame, confusion, the inability to admit to mistakes once made and the fear of facing misunderstanding. And some young people in this way try to give their appearance an aura of mystery, showing that they also have their own secrets.

Apparently, this topic is painful, and there is no need to raise it, even if you are jealous of the young man in advance for his past feelings. By the way, there were cases when such piquant questions became the reason for separation, so draw conclusions and do not attract trouble to yourself. In relation to other people's feelings, you need to be more than careful and sensitive.

Flirt in moderation

Flirting and flirting are a kind of foreplay in the development of an emerging romance, and you need to know the subtleties associated with such behavior. In fact, this is a whole complex of words, individual phrases, hints, facial expressions and gestures, through which a girl makes it clear to her boyfriend about her interest in him.

What does it look like in practice when the goal is to make a boy in your classmate you like at school fall in love with you:

  1. Let your eyes meet his eyes - a close and even fleeting glance has enormous power.
  2. Smile sincerely and welcomingly when you meet.
  3. An extremely attractive gesture for any man is straightening his hair. This method also works for green boys.
  4. Any barely noticeable touch can cause an explosion of emotions in the male brain - use this effective technique, but not too often.
  5. In addition, guys love compliments addressed to them, but one detail is important here - praise should be voiced without fanaticism and open admiration. Otherwise, the guy will think that you are head over heels in love with him, and it’s too early to reveal your feelings.

Flirting also involves other maneuvers - comic teasing, harmless jokes, short hugs as if by chance. But, as they say, everything should be within the bounds of decency; you can act this way occasionally, and not every 10 minutes. Of course, it is unacceptable to touch intimate parts of the body. But you can safely ask for a pen, notebook or textbook, offer your help or seek advice. The main thing is ease and interest in the eyes, and then act according to the circumstances.

What not to do

If you really want to meet a guy from a different class at school, you need to avoid things that work against you. A girl is not allowed to:

  • Trying to make you jealous. This doesn't always work in more mature relationships, and school-aged guys aren't exactly in the mood for melodrama.
  • Attract attention with risky stunts or eccentric gestures. It works in romantic comedies, but in reality it's scary.
  • Draw your friends into cunning plans. You can ask a friend to accompany you if you are going to a movie or a cafe and you know that he is spending time there with his friend. In this situation, there is a chance to invite them: let them join you. But you can’t even trust your beloved friend with such delicate things as talking to a guy about your feelings for him.
  • Seem like a more mature, experienced lady or a lover of extreme sensations, if you are not one.
  • Constantly demand attention, play helpless and try to seem like a fool. First of all, a smart guy won't like it. And secondly, a relationship that began with deception will quickly end.

A universal recipe for how to meet a guy you really like at school has not yet been invented. Each case is unique. And even if romance doesn’t happen, you can make friends, and a good friend is sometimes much more important than falling in love.


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Be mysterious and slightly inaccessible

Mystery is probably the most attractive trait in a woman for a man. If she also seems unattainable to him, she will very quickly win his heart and keep him near her for a long time.

This behavior does not mean secrecy; rather, it is a kind of reticence that confuses the stronger sex. In addition, when the question is how to please a 12-year-old boy at school at any cost, you will have to avoid stereotypes. You must always be different. Of course, only smart girls can do this, but even inexperienced babes, if desired, can learn to intrigue, amaze and surprise guys.

In real life, you can do this by becoming unpredictable:

  1. You’ve just laughed together, a moment later think about it, and if it works, shed a few tears. This will confuse your companion.
  2. Having parted with the young man on a high note, stop answering messages and show up a day later, full of new impressions from watching a film, book or visiting a modern exhibition.
  3. You should not completely lay out all the details about your life, goals and desires - you need to provide information about yourself sparingly and only what you consider necessary at the moment. Let the gentleman try to force you to be frank and make guesses, but you will present only a limited part of the information with unfailing friendliness.

Inaccessibility is an important beacon that attracts men like fire attracts moths. But you shouldn’t get carried away with demonstrating your priceless dignity. In such a situation, you will have to maintain a balance, because if you overdo it, you can deprive your chosen one of hope, and then, even with mutual feelings, he will sooner or later come to the conclusion that he is wasting his time on you.

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